Some photos from Phoenix Comic Con 2014, featuring my GG the Giraffe cosplay!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get many full body pictures of the costume.  See images for descriptions.

Cosplayers, please let me know if you appear in these pictures, I don’t quite remember who all is who.  >_<

Other Band members:

habitmademedoit as Upgrade

sailorspine as Walter Girl Beth

flaming-salamanders as Vintage Rabbit
Special thanks to Kelsey for being an amazing the Spine, and to Taylor for being an awesome Walter Girl, and for helping with being a handler for our bots.. and for putting up with their nonsense. You guys rock!



Presenting my lame attempt at cosplaying my Walternate, Walter Tech Anti.

The idea is that Anti was working with anti-matter (oh so clever, I know) when they were suddenly and inconveniently injured on the job and lost an eye … Well, kind of. Goggles are there for a reason, kids. Sure, mutant abilities gained from being subjected to forces quite similar to Big Bang may seem cool, but it’s not worth grossly violating every safety protocol known to science ever. Anti will be glad to tell you this themself.

Hopefully I can get black or silver goggles if I ever decide to do this for real.



I wish everyone could see her the way I do. I see her as one of the biggest inspirations I’ve ever had. She’s my hero. And she knows that. I’m very public about it, and I made it known loud and clear at Wild Wild West Con 3. I wish even she could understand just how much more livable my life has become, thanks solely to her. Sure, I have many heroes and inspirations, but she’s done so much to change my life for the better… Just by being herself, and doing something that I struggle to do each and every day: Survive.
And you know what? She may not have it easy, and shit happens, but I will always support her. I don’t care what you think of me, or of her, but know that she changed my life and I feel like it’s my duty to at least be here for her. And I’m more than willing to. I adore her, and I hope to one day have the honor of calling her a friend.
For now, however, she is just someone I admire a whole lot. And I just hope she knows that {at least in my eyes} she’s a fucking princess, and that I’m rooting for her.
bunnybennett, you are beautiful, and I love you. Keep fighting, and I’ll do my best to do the same in my own life.
Thank you, again, Miss Isabella Bunny Bennett, for giving me the will to try and live a fulfilling life. You’re truly my hero.