Anonymous asked:

would you be okay with other people giving upgrade upgrades? or them doing your upgrades updated look for cosplay?

habitmademedoit answered:

I am not the real Upgrade, and therefore cannot really dictate whether or not someone can cosplay a character who isn’t mine originally.

However… I don’t honestly /like/ the idea of other people cosplaying Upgrade the way I do.
The makeup and glove designs are of my own making, and the costume is going to progressively get more and more updated in whatever way I see fit.

I LOVE seeing fanart of my Upgrade, and while I would be flattered seeing other people cosplay her… I would honestly be kinda uncomfortable with it.

But.. I can’t exactly stop anyone… :c

SDCC 2014

Hello loves! Sn0w here! Just wanted to let you all know that my sister Kellan and I will be attending the San Diego Comicon, all 4 days. So look out for us:

Thursday: Upgrade, and Walter Girl Kellan {we’ll be attending the SPG concert as VIPs}

Friday: Newton Geiszler, and Hermann Gottlieb

Saturday: Upgrade, and Walter Girl Kellan

Sunday: Miss Isabella Bunny Bennett, and Lumpy Space Princess

Please feel free to stop us and say hi! We love meeting people!

Message us here, or on my personal tumblr { habitmademedoit } if you have any questions, or if you simply wanna get in touch with us!

Hope to see you all there!